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    • Bell Pepper Juice
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    • 19kcal
    • 5Minutes
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    • Quantity
    • 100g
    • Main
    • Bell pepper
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    • 100g = 19Kcal
    • tip
    • Bell pepper preserves rich vitamins, calcium, iron, but low calories to be a great diet food. Also bell pepper helps children to grow and even decreases cholesterol in human body. Further, bell pepper helps prevent colds and cancer. Bell pepper has rich vitamins for stress-relief and skin care.
  • Recipe

Bell Pepper is unique for its variety in colors. Each color has a different nutrient fact. For example, red paprika prevents cancer and strengthens the immune system. On the other hand, orange paprika is used for skin care and for preventing colds. Also, yellow bell pepper is a great stress reliever and green bell pepper has few calories thus is ideal for losing weight.

1. Clean organic bell pepper with water, Non-organic bell pepper needs to be cleaned with lemon, vinegar, or baking soda.
2. Cut bell pepper into suitable size to the feeding hole.
3. Drop paprika into the feeding hole of the juicer.

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