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    • Peach is rich in protein, amino acids, and pectin. Peaches help to reduce constipation and prevent colorectal cancer, A variety of minerals, vitamins, and fiber in the peach remove salt in the body. The skin of the peach is helpful to remove the nicotine and toxic wastage in the body.
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A peach contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, organic acids and fiber. Peaches are great for skin care removing wastage in intestines and treating cough. Peach makes better blood circulation which is helpful during menstruation.
It is recommendable to drink juice with the flesh and the skin.

1. Clean organic peaches with water. Non-organic peach needs to be cleaned with lemon, vinegar, or baking soda.
2. Remove the skin and seeds. then cut peach into suitable size for the feeding hole.
3. Drop the peach into the feeding hole of the juicer.
4. Insert additives(milk, yogurts, juice, water) into the feeding hole while juicing.
5. Mixing juice and pulp in the pulp container and consuming together is great way to enjoy.

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