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Why do we need to eat fruits and vegetables?

A. The curse of factory farming

i. Cattle that doesn’t eat grass

1. People from poor countries die of hunger. On the other hand, 80% of the World’s grain production is used as livestock feed. People from wealthy countries eat the meat of these livestock and die of complications from high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
2. These meats no longer contain the kind of nutrients found in nature. Modern-day meat consumption is detrimental to humans.

ii. Source of all illnesses, meat diet.

1. Meat diet went from a good source of protein to the root of modern-day illnesses.
2. Cattle that do not eat grass have abnormal amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 in its fatty acids. There is as much as 66 times more omega-6 compared to omega-3. Omega-6 slows down cellular activities in our bodies and interrupts metabolism. This leads to heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Omega-3 on the other hand, promotes healthy cellular activities and metabolism. Eating grass-fed beef will actually evens out the omega-3 and omega-6 ratio to between 1:4 and 1:10. The modern society is dying from meat consumption.
3. If you cannot stop eating meat, you must eat fruits and vegetables. Eating vegetables alkalize our bodies, provide anti-oxidants, and promote metabolism. Eating 6 different vegetables of 5 different colors 3 times a day, generations will be free from the worries of 6 major cancers and 5 most common illnesses. Prevent obesity, cancers, other diseases, and slow the aging process. Start eating vegetables now.

B. The infinite energy locked within plants

i. A buried dead cow will just rot away but a small seed in the ground will grow into a giant tree. That is the life energy of plants. All plants have this energy.

ii. Plants create phytochemicals to protect themselves

1. Phytochemicals protect from cell damage
2. Phytochemicals promote good health
3. They are found in abundance in the outer peels of fruits and vegetables
4. If you could squeeze all the nutrients in the whole plant, you will be able to benefit from all the nutrients that the nature has to provide.

iii. The colors of the plants represent the real energy inside of them.

1. The modern medical community recommends eating a variety of colored fruits and vegetables to prevent and fight cancer. This is ‘color food’.
2. Chemicals inside plants that create their colors suppress cancer growth and act as great anti-carcinogens.
3. There is great interest in ‘purple’ foods acting as anti-carcinogens. The anthocyanins have proved to be twice as much effective against cancer than the ‘green’ foods.
4. The only way to protect ourselves from the flood of processed and manufactured foods is to take in the great nutrients and their energy from eating fruits and vegetables.

iv. Vitamin C treats inflammation and boosts immunity

1. Vitamin C is a natural antibiotic. It’s a crucial nutrient for modern-day humans that are exposed to many harmful environmental effects.
2. Effects of vitamin C: It works as an anti-oxidant, promote cell growth, detoxification of the body, helps absorb iron, prevent cancer, protect liver cells to break down alcohol in the body.

v. slow the aging process of the body with various anti-oxidants

1. Lycopene, allicin, quercetin, flavonoids, carotenoids
2. Neutralize free radicals that damage DNA and cause cancer.

vi. Excrete carcinogens and balance hormones to stay youthful and healthy

vii. Reduce stress

viii. Countless stories of cancer patients living a new life through vegetarian diet.

C. Vegetarian diet in the bible

i. Initially, humans were not allowed to eat animals

1. I give you all the fruits and vegetables that bear seed and they will be your nourishment.
2. I gave you all the animals on land, all the birds in the sky, and all the fish in the sea. Anything that moves will be your nourishment as well as all the green vegetables. However, you shall not eat them with their life, blood.

ii. The bible states that people should not eat animals that feed on corpses. This coincides with the current day issues.

1. Cattle that ate rotten bits of animals harm humans through mad cow disease and eggs laid by chickens fed on livestock by-products cause illnesses in humans.
2. Free-grazing cows, naturally raised sheep, hogs, chickens… these are the meat that bible says that humans should eat.

D. Conclusion

i. Humans need a vegetarian diet and should consume naturally produced meat. The city life provides foods lacking in nutrients.

ii. It’s vital to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. Humans should eat about 8 parts vegetables and 2 parts meat. From now on, Kuvings juicer will help you get the adequate amount of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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